A fresh, credible representative and strong advocate for the communities of Blair.

I want to act on issues of importance to you, our region and our nation.

I will work with determination, commitment and integrity to be your strong voice seeking change.

I wish to see the communities within Blair heard at the all levels of Government and be your voice on issues affecting us locally and nationally.

I am determined to make change happen by working proactively to find solutions that will benefit us now and in the future.

I see great potential to create a STRONG FUTURE for the region.

I want to help make this the PROGRESSIVE REGION that it deserves to be for the benefit of our communities  now and for our future generations.

Our democracy needs representatives –
Who KNOW their community.
Who understand the NEEDS of the electorate.
Who are ONLY ANSWERABLE to their electorate.

Please read my other Policies and Contact me with your concerns.

It’s time for our voice to be heard and time for change to #Postcode4306 –