4306 Postcode extent prior to reallocation in February 2018. The northern component included Blackbutt and its surrounds.  This has now been reallocated to 4314.  The southern sector of 4306 remains to be rectified.

The 4306 postcode is classified as REGIONAL.  Yet it covers a large metropolitan component of Brisbane and Ipswich.

It is this southern component of 4306 that covers 39 localities and stretches over 85kms end to end that I continue to campaign for review.

It’s current extent stretches from the northern reaches of Somerset to the Scenic Rim, encompasses parts of western Brisbane and circumnavigates the city of Ipswich including the large growth corridors of Deebing Heights and the Ripley Valley.

It is essential that these localities achieve reallocation of their postcodes that is reflective of their geographical location, instead of the illogical coverage currently in place.

The impacts of this postcode are far reaching and impact daily life for residents and business owners.  It causes significant financial and social disadvantage.

Some highlights of the impacts are:

– Delayed mail delivery

– Not a part of the Express Post Next Day guaranteed delivery network

– Significantly increased delivery costs compared to neighbouring suburbs/postcodes

– Limited access to courier delivery/pick ups  with significantly increased costs that impacts business operators

– Impacts access to and costing of Insurance

– Impacts on financial lending for property purchase/investment

– Access to government and social services

– Inaccurate direction to services/businesses when utilising website search engines due to geographical expanse of 4306 postcode area

– Inability to access services in general such as after hours doctors, appliance repair

– Misinformation/misdirection when using postcodes for online business and reference information as 4306 is not reflective of geographical location of the localities it covers

There has been a long history of calling for change to Postcode 4306 with some very determined political representation in years previous.  Sadly, there has never been any traction in federal parliament and attempts proved futile to find a resolution.

In 2017, I lodged a Federal Parliamentary petition calling for review of Postcode 4306.  This resulted in unprecedented community consultation by Australia Post with the relevant communities and political representatives.  Australia Post were unprepared for the level of community angst at the lack of interest and commitment given to addressing this issue.  A subsequent review resulted in the successful reallocation of the northern sector of 4306 covering the Blackbutt region to 4314 in February 2018.

The current status of the southern sector is in limbo whilst Australia Post construct a large parcel distribution centre in Redbank to cater for the increased online parcel distribution business and population growth that they have only now identified in the Ipswich region.  This facility is apparently due to be completed by the end of 2019.

Despite continued requests for review of 4306 in the interim to no avail, Australia Post states “This new parcel processing facility MAY free up space at the Heathwood facility (where letters for 4306 are currently distributed from), which COULD enable us to review postcode distribution. Any review of postcode redistribution would only occur IF there were opportunities to improve efficiencies of mail delivery to our customers.” (Angela Creedon, Qld State Manager).

I firmly believe that if I had not lodged this petition to Federal Parliament that this issue would still be ongoing with no resolution at all.  I am passionate about postcode 4306 and wish to see the southern sector of 4306 achieve a resolution that is logical, justified, fair and long overdue.

 The residents and businesses within are sick of paying the #4306postcodetax that is discriminatory through no fault of their own and tired of the lack of interest given to this issue by the relevant political representatives.  It is time for change to #postcode4306 once and for all.

Here’s a little interesting fact – Beerwah in the Sunshine Coast region and 80kms from Brisbane city is classified as a metropolitan postcode. Yet areas of 4306 that are only 25kms from Brisbane are classified as regional.  It’s cheaper to have deliveries sent to Beerwah than to areas of 4306!

There is a Facebook group – 4306 Postcode Review that is active in outlining the ongoing issues, frustrations and correspondence with the relevant stakeholders.

Please visit or join this Facebook group to keep updated (4306 Postcode Review)