Local Issues

  • Advocate and support the necessary transport infrastructure requirements and upgrades for major highways such as the Cunningham and Warrego Highways and river crossings in the region.

  • New State High School:  The Karana Downs/Mt Crosby/Chuwar/Karalee areas need a new public high school and I will advocate strongly for the QLD State Government to plan and make provision for this in the near future.

  • Support the process of adequate planning and research into the proposed developments for further waste sites and industry in the Ipswich region.  It is essential to ensure the residents (current and future) in the areas impacted by these proposals are not detrimentally impacted.

  • Strongly advocate for access to reliable public transport where necessary and liaise with the state and local government regarding this issue. 

  • Advocate for improvement to NBN coverage and supply speeds in the local area. Lack of foresight for national infrastructure impacts business, educational and digital health needs and expansion.  Some areas are receiving speeds less than what was achievable on ADSL and investment is required in further FTTN and other services in some regions.


  • Our public health sector and Medicare are fundamental necessities and I shall advocate for increased funding for the healthcare needs of our region.  Oral and mental health are an important part of the health service and would advocate for improvements in access and funding for these necessary services.

  • Promote increased funding in our national medicare scheme and NDIS to assist provision of fundamental assistance in seeking health care.

  • Promote prevention strategies for reducing acquired chronic health conditions.

  • Promote increased home and community based care options as part of our healthcare model.

  • Strong advocacy is required for the aged care sector. There are requirements for further funding support and implementation of minimum care standards. I support the Royal Commission into Aged Care. 

  • Ensure the ‘freeze’ on Medicare rebates for essential medical services such as GP’s, Medical Imaging and Pathology ends.  The Government’s inaction in increasing rebates causes increased out of pocket expenses for individuals and families.  I shall ensure that commitments made by major parties are implemented. 

  • Support increased privacy protection for online medical records management such as My Health Record.

  • Support equitable access to private health insurance that offers better value for money and make it easier to understand the levels of cover.

  • I support increased funding assistance for our high quality medical research sector.  

  • I support the National Immunisation Program.   This program is consistent with the World Health Organisations Global Vaccine Action Plan.

Since the introduction of routine immunisations in Australia in the 1950s, death or disability from many once-common infectious diseases is now rare (1).


  • Advocate for increased investment for quality education and learning outcomes across all levels of education.  

Our children and young adults deserve best practice education standards and resources.
Our youth are our future and it is essential that we invest in a world class education system at all levels to equip them for the skills of tomorrow.

In our local region I would support:

      • avenues to create greater accessibility and affordability for early learning.

      • increased funding for investment in TAFE and Tertiary institutions. 

In our region we require a greater emphasis on promotion of creating quality TAFE education. Investment is neccesary in the scope and security of the teaching workforce, upgrades to teaching facilities and capital assets and curricular development to repair the loss of confidence in this important training sector.

Fostering mutual relationships with tertiary institutions and major health facilities in the region to facilitate expansion of Ipswich Hospital to a tertiary standard teaching facility with ‘state of the art’ facilities.

      • Advocate for investment in another high school for the Karalee/Chuwar/Karana Downs/Mt Crosby region due to dramatic population growth and proximity to the closest feeder schools that are at or near capacity. 

Environment and Energy

  • Advocate for effective, viable policy to reduce carbon emissions and our nation’s ability to achieve and exceed targets outlined in the Paris 2030 agreement.  Reductions should centre around the energy production sector and transport emissions.

It is essential that effective policy be formulated and implemented now.  For too long government has shown no effective strategy to plan and mitigate loss against the effects of one of the most important social, economic and environmental challenges facing our societies globally. There is no doubt that this is a contentious issue for many.

The potential loss to the economy must be factored.  With changing weather patterns, there are financial implications for government, the business sector and society when responding to drought, increased and prolonged heat, bushfire and flooding especially with regard to natural disaster recovery and the cost to the agricultural sector. 

  • Strongly support the transition to reliable renewable energy supply and the reduction of reliance on carbon based energy.  

A well managed process across the national energy grid utilising a mix of technologies is essential. Emphasis on energy reliability, storage and access to fast response energy is paramount.  A well rounded approach to energy policy should include:

      • Affordability

      • Increased support and reform to develop an electricity transmission network for a renewable energy future

      • Increased use of energy storage and batteries

      • Maintenence of  Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES)

      • Solar power in all new homes

      • Innovation in technology and implementation of renewables.

      • Development of a clean energy export strategy

      • Skills development for a growing renewable energy industry that will foster employment opportunities.

      • Establishment of a battery manufacturing and recycling industry on shore

  • Oppose new coal based energy production plants. HELE coal power stations are expensive to build (approximately $5 billion) and produce power that will be more expensive per kW/hr compared to renewable energy as well as increase carbon emissions. 

  • Advocate for a regulatory and advisory body that uses credible scientific information to assist in planning for future climatic change.

  • Advocate for planning for water security, water management and access.

This includes issues such as the Murray Darling system and investigation of innovative plans for drought management.

  • Advocate for reduction in the loss of natural flora/fauna species and care of our natural environment.  

This includes issues such as:

      • loss of habitat for national icons such as the Koala and other native species.

      • Inappropriate tree clearing and better planning of housing development in known habitats and movement corridors. 

  • Advocate for generation of a national circular recycling industry and reduction of single use items.

We as a society must examine our waste production and look for developing industry locally to address current issues with off shore recycling and waste disposal here.  Technological innovation and investment is necessary and will in turn provide another avenue for local job growth. 


  • Support lower taxes for small business.

  • Advocate for multinational companies to pay fair tax whilst conducting business in Australia. This should also encompass a review of royalties paid to Australia by large companies relating to extraction of natural resources. 

  • Advocate for investment in Australian business and manufacturing and create opportunity for entrepreneurship especially for our local region with creation of an ‘Innovation Hub’.

  • Foster greater investment in renewables and new technologies.  Create opportunities for economic growth, export and employment in clean energy and new technologies.

  • Support consistent regulations relating to retirement, the aged care pension and superannuation to allow for confidence in planning for this transition.

  • Support increased regulatory framework and transparency in our financial and banking sectors.

  • Advocate for our rural sector with support of our farming industry. The future of local food production and food/water security is of paramount importance. Support with transition to more effective water and drought management techniques and transitions necessary due to climatic and weather pattern change.  Also pursue support for access to local and international markets.

  • Support an increase to minimum farm gate price for milk to assist the dairy industry remain viable in Australia.

  • Ensure the foreign investment board upholds a high standard of review of foreign investment in real estate, farming lands and national infrastructure and findings are upheld by the government.

  • Ban political donations from large corporate business to political parties.  

Social Issues

  • Advocate strongly for rectification of issues associated with Postcode 4306 to achieve an outcome that is logical, sensible and fair.  I am passionate about achieving social justice for the communities in the remaining southern sector covered by postcode 4306 who continue to be financially and socially disadvantaged.  #Postcode4306 #4306postcodetax

  • Wage equality

  • I support an increase and indexation of aged care and disability pensions and Newstart.

  • Push for an end to live exports and improvements in animal welfare standards.  Promote a focus on local processing for export creating employment  opportunities locally.

  • I strongly support the establishment of a National Integrity/Anti-Corruption Commission.

It should have broad coverage and robust powers of investigation to ensure transparency in our democratic process and our public institutions. 

This is imperative to aid in restoration of confidence and findings be made public.

  • Support maintenance of funding to the ABC as our national public broadcaster and to maintain it’s political independence.


As an INDEPENDENT with limited resources, I cannot have policies on every issue. However, I have addressed major issues that are of increased relevance to our electorate of Blair.

Other policies/issues would be addressed, if elected, in a measured evidence-based approach after careful stakeholder engagement.


(1) https://beta.health.gov.au/resources/publications/national-immunisation-strategy-for-australia-2019-to-2024