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Ipswich faces an historic opportunity to create a new focused local government.

The QT are hosting forums in March for both councillors and mayoral candidates.

Details in screen shots below.

Residents in Rosewood also have the opportunity to meet with QT at Rosewood Bakery 10am Thursday 27th February to discuss issues of importance to your region.

Be informed to vote and make your local government the best possible for Ipswich’s future.
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2 weeks ago

Simone Karandrews - Advocate for Blair region

Friday and Saturday was the beginning of #Qutex Pathways to Politics for Women course.

This is the only program of its kind in Qld and is a non partisan initiative seeking to increase female participation in all levels of government.

It aims to equip women with the skills to succeed in being elected and to thrive as leaders of our communities in the future.

The inaugural cohort of 15 is privileged to learn from guest panelists who are current and past political figures from all levels of government and across political parties as well as the faculty and facilitator Madonna King.
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What an opportunity to show case this wonderful area of ours.

There are so many positives in this region…..the best of city and country.

Please jump on to the ABC site to leave your suggestions as well as here so we can see!We're hosting a whole day of ABC Radio Brisbane programs in Ipswich next week, so tell us what you ❤️ most about your city.

If you have a hot tip about something we should see or do, leave us a comment 👇
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1st case of Corona virus now in QLD.

As mentioned :-
Everyone should practice good hygiene and stay at home if you are unwell. Other measures to protect against infections include:
washing your hands; and
covering your mouth while coughing or sneezing.

If you have a respiratory illness and need to seek medical attention, please call your medical practice ahead or call 13HEALTH.

Medical practices in the region are putting systems in place to triage patients at risk.

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Udder Bull...
Our government should be supporting Queensland business, agriculture and employment - not farming contracts out to overseas companies for milk supplies into our hospitals."Official statement from Maleny Dairies"

Maleny Dairies is a family owned, award winning milk production company, which employs approximately 50 staff members from the local community, purchases milk from 11 local farmer’s, supports several charity and community groups and is making a strong sustainable footprint to the long term business model of the company.

Maleny Dairies has been overlooked for a local tender in favour of Chinese and French owned companies and had Maleny Dairies been awarded the tender, it would have ensured the safe guarding of the local work force employed by the company and that of our dairy farms (which has seen Qld dairy farm numbers drastically drop from 350 in 2018/19 to a shocking 303 in 2020).

In this case the tender process appears to have been solely focused on the ability to deliver the cheapest milk regardless the consequences to local employment and industry collapse as cheap UHT low quality milk from Southern states adds to the disruptive tipping point for our local industry and in turn our regional economy, and is surely linked to a hospital cost blowout and cost cutting program.
Clarification on several points need to be addressed by the Queensland State Government with regards to the Procurement Policy and putting QUEENSLANDERS FIRST.

1. Maleny Dairies supported Queensland Government’s “Buy Local” initiative all last year, regularly attending Ministers’ media launches. We did not see Lacatalis or Lions at any of these media launches.

2. Maleny Dairies was strongly encouraged to tender for this work even when we communicated we couldn’t compete on price.

3. Maleny Dairies farmers needed that contract and so did we. Local farmers will struggle to stay in business.

4. The Queensland Government has spent last year saying it will support local Queensland owned businesses and Queensland jobs and then gives a milk tender to a Chinese and French owned company.

It appears to us from a community perspective that the Minister for Health has focused singularly on his problem of cost blowout and cutting budgets and as a consequence has been blindsided by that process to the broader implications both at the community and government policy level.

Maleny Dairies is seeking an urgent conversation with the Premier and the Minister for Health to understand if this is the case, and as a result, the tender process can be reviewed.

Yours Sincerely
Maleny Dairies

For further information contact: pr@malenydairies.com
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Given conditions over the last year -I have pushed for provision of Bushfire education for my community and continue to lobby for the establishment of a local RFB to build resilience within my community.

The QLD Opposition released this information today. I will be interested in the QLD Government's response.

Point 7 is of particular interest to this concept.
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Water is a precious resource.

Time to be proactive in reducing water consumption.SEQ Water Grid level drops to 56.3% capacity as hot, dry conditions continue across South East Queensland. With average water usage at 210 litres per person per day over December, we’re calling on all South East Queenslanders to reduce their water use to 150 litres per person per day to help preserve our dam levels for as long as we can. bit.ly/35jTl9A Everyone and every drop counts #SaveWater #EveryDropCounts #WaterForLife
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The is the reply from the Minister to a Question on Notice regarding the Mt Crosby Interchange.

I look forward to the movements of DTMR for community consultation and interim improvements for this long awaited project.

It is important that community’s input allows for a sensible upgrade outcome.
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This idea has been gaining a lot of interest to help provide water to animals….especially in areas where water is scarce at present.

Would be great to see these placed around our bushland home areas and replenished by human 'water sprites'.
They hold about 25litres and last a week or two.

Thanks to #WombatRescue listed below are the necessary items.
* PVC pipe (Bunnings had 1m and 3m so I bought the 3m and had it cut in half for a 1.5m length) - 150mm
* 2 x 150mm PVC Caps (doesnt have to be a screw on because that needs another part. the push on works perfectly because you will be siliconing it tightly to the pipe)
* Storm PVC elbow (90mm)
* Tube of silicone wet area (clear) because it can get wet and is non toxic
* 5L Holesaw bi-metal 92mm (to cut the hole in the pipe)
* 2L Holesaw arbor snap-back 32mm-152mm (the adaptor on your drill to fix the holesaw on)
* A 13mm drill
* A healthy dose of patience as drilling a hole on a curved pipe is not easy and the elbow wont just fit...of course not...it needs a bit of jigging but nothing silicone can't fix
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There have been some very dark days for Australia over the last few years and months with the long lasting ravages of drought and bushfire. These events are by no means over.

While we, in our region are not fighting significant fires off our doorsteps, it is the perfect time to plan.

We now need to work with a new objective….greater preparedness and with a different way of looking at the risks with which we live.

Dr Barbara Ryan (USQ disaster behaviour expert) states that Queenslanders are unprepared for bushfires. “We’re starting to get extreme and catastrophic fire weather and once it gets to catastrophic, the fire services can’t combat the fire – all they can try to do is save houses.”.

In the aftermath of Australia’s national fire disaster it is imperative that time is taken to evaluate, seek input from the front line service agencies to develop and deliver a framework for the response necessary to enable our country to repair, recover and regenerate.

Most importantly - learn how to improve the necessary emergency agencies and their resources in preparation for further events.

It is imperative that we have an ability to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Investment in our community and country is priceless.

Photo credit - Nick Moir - SMH.
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My thoughts are with all who are impacted with bushfire and with those who serve to assist and protect us.
The devastation and impacts are sobering.

Here is some information that may be of assistance if ever you are impacted by fire.
Please follow all emergency service information and warnings.Although data states that 2/3 of Black Saturday fatalities died while sheltering in or near their house, research by bushfire scientists revealed that they did not die BECAUSE they were sheltering. They died because they did not know how to shelter safely.
SO WHEN THE BUSHFIRE EMERGENCY MESSAGE IS “It I s too Late to Leave, You Should Take Shelter and Stay Indoors” - WHAT SHOULD YOU ACTUALLY DO?
* Shelter behind a wall; beside a large fire resistant tree (that has no flammable undergrowth); in nor beside a car; in a dam (if no vegetation is near either), in a ditch, (cover yourself with earth or blanket); crouch beneath a blankets (must be PURE WOOL and DRY) on bare ground or an already burnt area.
- Dry pure wool has the quality of extinguishing sparks and embers.
Before you go inside:
* Shut off gas and electricity at the mains.
* Put pets inside: dogs on leash, cats in covered cages.
* Take in outdoor furniture, doormats, hanging baskets, plastic pot plants.
When you are inside:
* Make sure all doors and windows are securely shut.
* Turn off air conditioners; cover their internal vents.
* If windows are unshuttered, cover with blankets (must be PURE WOOL), heavy quality quilts, foil or wet towels.
*Move flammable furniture away from windows.
* Close internal doors to limit fire spread if embers enter and ignite inside.
* Put on protective clothing and nose mask and drink often.
* Keep blankets (must be PURE WOOL and DRY) handy.
* Cool off when possible.
* Watch the conditions outside if possible through a small window or peephole. Do not open a door or window to look outside.
* When you are sure flaring shrubs have blackened, it’s safe to go out again. (Burning tree trunks do not generally emit killing radiant heat.)
* DO NOT SHELTER IN AN INNER ROOM. Not in the hallway. Not in the bath. If you shelter in ANY kind of inner room – no matter how many doors it has – you could be trapped. Embers may have ignited sub-floor or wall cavities or rafters in the ceiling space,. Flaming walls or ceiling could collapse on you. Toxic fumes from smouldering furnishings, synthetic furniture or wall linings could overcome you.
* STAY BY A DOOR THAT EXITS TO OUTSIDE in protective clothing and with blankets (must be PURE WOOL and DRY).
* It is vital for passive shelterers to exit as soon as the potentially killing radiant heat from fames has died down.
* Take hose, sprayers and ladder inside with you.
* Fill bath & troughs with water, immerse towels, roll up and place at door gaps and window ledges. Plug keyholes with play dough, blue-tack or soap.
* Fill containers (e.g. garden sprayers) with water; put these, with dippers, mops etc, in each room.
* Watch for invading embers. Particularly in the ceiling space, through windows, gaps under doors. Spray or hit with wet mop any sparks, embers or smouldering furnishings.
* If any ignition cannot be extinguished, close the door of that room.
* Maintain easy access to an exit door.
* Never go outside during a flame front to douse an outside ignition.
* Exit with great care, preferably from a door that is sheltered from the wind.
* Wear protective clothing & nose cover, cover yourself with your blanket (must be PURE WOOL and DRY), crouch, lower your eyelids and open the door gradually.
The quintessential bushfire survival resource is a
Covered with such a blanket and with a flask of water
people have survived the most catastrophic conditions.
Extracted from my Essential Bushfire Safety Tips (CSIRO 2012), www.publish.csiro.au/pid/6969.htm
(If you can't afford to buy - most libraries have it.)
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I hope you and your families have enjoyed a Happy and safe Christmas season.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all who have supported, encouraged and assisted me on the journey to represent and fulfil the needs of our region.

Personally, I have found 2019 a busy year of achievement and realised how important it is to have a strong voice to speak up for community and have a view for the way forward.

I have been fortunate to attend a Women for Election forum in Canberra in November and have been selected for a place in the ‘Pathways to Politics for Women’ at QUT in the new year.

This provides a wonderful opportunity ahead.

2020 will bring new challenges.
We will continue to seek rectification of the 4306 Postcode issues and advocate on other issues in the region.

It is imperative that we have strong leadership and that our communities needs are brought to attention to facilitate active investment to occur in our region.

Investment that will make a real difference for our region’s future.

So here’s to a new decade and let’s make 2020 a great start for the way forward. I wish you and your families all the best.
My thanks and thoughts also to those affected and the emergency service volunteers assisting in areas affected by fire.

Be restless. Seek challenges, root out opportunities and jump in the deep end. You might be surprised what you achieve.

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