A fresh, credible representative and advocate for the communities of Blair. Independent of established political parties – I am keen to act on issues of importance to you and our region.

I am a healthcare professional with post graduate qualification.  I currently work in Brisbane after recently having to resign from Ipswich Hospital to contend the federal election.  I am part of a professional representative committee and have participated in this for the last 20 years.  I have a strong sense of determination, professionalism, commitment, compassion and social justice.

 I have lived in the current Blair electorate for over 16 years with my husband and child. I love living in our region and believe that there is so much to offer and so much to gain by having a strong advocate for our area.

My decision to run as an independent candidate for the Blair electorate is borne from being disillusioned and disenfranchised at the current state of federal politics in Australia. Politics should be about working for the community, the common good of the nation and about building good policy for national issues. The current political duopoly, party dysfunction and factionalism distract from the ability to focus on issues of national importance.  Our local representative should be focused on achieving the best outcomes for the local community through advocacy across the three tiers of government.

My decision is also resultant from the lack of recognition, advocacy and representation by the relevant Federal Parliamentarians to whom I have appealed for assistance in the process of review for Postcode 4306 and the continued lack of commitment given by Australia Post (an Australian Government owned corporation) on resolving this issue as a matter of importance.

For those in the Blair electorate covered by Postcode 4306 – I’m sure you will understand the financial and social impacts that this postcode causes and understand the necessity to have this rectified.  After seeing the way that this affects so many residents and small business operators in the community and the financial and social injustice that this causes – it is time that this issue is given the focus and representation that it deserves at the federal level.

I see great potential to create a STRONG FUTURE for the electorate of Blair and want to make this the PROGRESSIVE REGION that it deserves to be.  I want to be a part of bringing change for the communities within Blair that will be of benefit now and for our kids’ futures.

I have always identified that the potential for this region is untapped, under rated and under represented.

The Ipswich region is expected to grow 62 per cent in the next 13 years compared to the Australian rate of 22 per cent. This makes the Ipswich region one of the fastest growth areas in Australia.

With a projected population of 550 000 by 2030 there is most definitely need for our levels of government to work proactively in providing the interest, advocacy and funding to meet the needs of this community in areas of health, education, transport, infrastructure, planning and environment.

The current representation does not appear to have future vision and interest in providing for this. Case in point the lack of provision of funding for upgrades of the Warrego and Cunningham highways as recent examples….

I recognise the diversity of our electorate covering metropolitan and regional areas. I am very conscious of the marginalisation that can occur to those in the country regions and will work to improve the representation and needs of these regions.

Social justice and inclusion are important values to uphold and our political system should have representatives that advocate for issues that are of importance for the community that they represent.  Our elected political representatives  should be proactive in seeking action and resolution that will be of benefit.

If successful in election to Parliament, I would be sensible in my approach to the policies put forward by the governing party and vote in accordance with the best interests of the residents of Blair.

This is our time to vote in a strong INDEPENDENT representative to advocate for this region to prosper in the near term and for our future generations.

It’s time for Blair’s voice to be heard in Canberra and time for change to #Postcode4306 #SimoneforBlair